Al Effat Trading is an Animal Health, Feed Additives
and Poultry Farms Equipment supplier
for the Egyptian Poultry Industry.
Our Activities
We are known to be an active participant in local and international conferences and seminars.


Al Effat Trading is one of the leading market players in the feed additives, veterinary pharmaceuticals, disinfectants and poultry farms equipment business in Egypt. Established in 1995 by an experienced group of veterinary doctors working in the field of feed additives, pharmaceuticals and animal vaccines since 1976 and covering the Middle East and Africa.
Our Products Range covers the following sectors :
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Farm Equipment (Fienhage)
  • Feed Preservatives (Perstorp)
  • Feed Additives (Jubilant Organosys)
  • Feed Phosphate (A.B. Foods)
  • Incubators (EMKA Incubators)
  • Ventilation Systems (SKOV)
  • Sensors (DOL Sensors)
  • Water Soluble Vitamins
Our Suppliers are well known companies all over the world. From Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, India, South Africa ... etc
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